Bowls at Club North Haven


Home to over

200 Bowling members

The club is home to over 200 bowling members and a favoured destination for travelling bowlers. We have several bowls teams, fully accredited coaches, two synthetic greens and one all weather undercover green.

Environmentally, the synthetic greens do not rely on chemical treatments and their reliance on water is considerably less than traditional greens. In an area of permanent water restrictions, and despite the Club's use of bore-water, the synthetic greens are a welcome inclusion in the area's conservation efforts.




Our mission is to provide an all-inclusive friendly sporting environment to promote the sport of lawn bowls. We will deliver competitive and social bowling opportunities for the benefit of all members, guests, and our sponsors. Operating in a professional and socially responsible manner we will plan our activities to advertise our club as the place be to stimulate and increase membership, facilitate competitive tournaments and social events for all ages.

Membership is open to all members of the North Haven Bowling & Recreation Club who are registered with the RNSWBA. New members (Full and Sports) are welcome to join the Club after completing an induction with our official bowls trainers, with subscription fees due by the end of May each year.

To join the North Haven Bowling Club, please see our Bowls Coordinator Clay Parker via email at, visit the Bowls office, reception or contact the Bowls office on 02 6559 9150 - Extension 3.

Useful Tips

  • Keep your weight on the balls of your feet when taking your stance on the mat.
  • Your feet should be facing the proposed line of delivery.
  • As your arm drops under the weight of the jack/bowl, take a normal walking step forward, swinging your arm as a firm pendulum beside and close to your body.
  • Backswing equals height of arm in front of body during stance.
  • Release the jack/bowl 15-20cm forward and to the side of your front foot.
  • 90% of your weight should be over the front foot, stay down in follow-through with palm facing upward, along line of delivery.
  • Watch jack/bowl for approximately 5 seconds then step forward and off the mat.
  • Any correction needed is worked out before stepping off the mat.

The North Haven

Women's Bowling Club

The North Haven Women's Bowling Club was officially opened on their own green on 6th March 1958 by the N.S.W.B.A. President Mrs Wolinski. The Club has always had the honour of being of the highest standard with champion bowlers over the past forty years. Some who have reached high achievements are: Margaret Lewis, Josie Bauder, Connie Philp, Gloria Wardrop and Daphne Shaw. Margaret, Josie, Connie and Daphne all went on to represent at State level. Daphne has gone even further to represent Australia, and has been a member of the Commonwealth Games twice, winning Gold in one. Last year Daphne was awarded Legend Status and was inducted into the Australian Legands Hall of Fame.

A half-century from its beginnings, the NHWBC has 190 financial bowlers, with membership continuing to attract both long-standing members and new residents of the Camden Haven. NHWBC aims to play & promote the game of Bowls. To engender by association, a fraternal feeling amongst Bowlers and to preserve and promote the best traditions of the game. To conform at all times to the requirements of the New South Wales Women's Bowling Association and Hastings Haven District Women's Bowling Association.

To join the Women's Bowling Club, visit the Bowls office or reception,
or contact the Bowls Office on 02 6559 8259.

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